Running Medallion Plaque

I wanted to make something for one of my best friends to display her running medallions and bibs. I believe the whole thing cost under $30.

  1. I bought a piece of wood sign from Hobby Lobby for approximately $12. I painted it white with acrylic paint.
  2. My friends room has a green and purple theme in her room so that’s what i decided on for the paint. I added metallic olive green and lightly brushed it on as an accent.
  3. I lined up how much room i needed for the bib on the left. Then using stencils I painted on the “<<Been There, <<Won That” with a dark purple paint.
  4. I then added twin that i tied around two screws to hold the bibs at the top.
  5. I then added two doorknobs that at the bottom to hand the medallions on.
  6. The finished product!